Math -K-5

Math – K-5

Lesson Plans
Grade 4
Base-10 Multiplication Arrays
Math 4.4
Grade 5
Supermarket Multiplication
Math 5.5a,b
Grade 5
Math 4.13b
Grade 5
Tale of A Tadpole
Fractions and Decimals
Math 5.2
Science 4.5.e
Reading 5.6
Grade Pre K
Exploring Shapes
Math BB Geometry 4
Grade 3
Fact Families
Math 3.2
Grade 5
Chocolate Fraction Bars
Math 5.7
Grade 5
Algebraic Fractions
Math 5.6, 5.18
Grade 4
Fraction Strips
Math 4.2a,b
Grade K
Let’s Create Shapes
Math K.11
Grade 4
Fraction, Probability and Probability Outcomes
Math 4.19a, b
Grade 3
Reading and Writing with Fractions
Math 3.5b
Grade 4
Pizza Fractions
Math 4.2a,b,c, 4.5b
Grade 4
Comparing Liquid Volume Units with Fractions and Decimals
Math 4.2a,b,c, 4.12b
Grade 4
Jamestown Beans
Math 4.2b
Grade K
Which Group Has Fewer Members?
Math K.1

Language Arts K.1a, K.2a

Grade 4
Geometry in a Fraction Lesson
Math 4.2, 4.17
Grade 5
Application of Rounding
Math 5.1
Grade 3
Problem Solving
Math 3.8
Grade 5
Let’s Share the Brownies
Math 5.2a, 5.8a
Grade Pre K
The Right Number of Elephants
Math PK 1.a,b,c, 5.b

Language Arts PK 6.b,d,f

Grade 4
Skittle Probabilities
Math 4.2a, 4.19
Grade 4
Shopping with Decimals
Math 4.5c
Grade K
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
Math K.2, K.14, K.15, K.16
Grade 5
Multiplying Decimals Using Manipulatives
Math 5.5
Grade 5
Math 5.10
Science 4.1, 4.2
Grade 5
Spinning Top
Math 5.15, 5.16
Grade 5
Math 5.12

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